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More than a mere brand... a whole style.

Patricia, a southern French woman, "feminine, luscious and generous", has for long been receptive to her customers in her own shop. She has also been involved in diverse fashion and stylists groups.

Patricia dared to create her own brand in 2009, standing on her own feet, and spreading her creations.

Standing against hardships, the name "G ! Ozé", (note: "I dared !" in French) rose as the fitting name for the brand.

Her creations combine simple shapes with subtle details, to dress the curviest and most feminine lines, with fabrics and textures fitting to the seasons, that please the woman who "Oze" (note : "dare" in French).

Dimension and personnality, comfortable and casual, every woman can see herself "exist" through the "G ! Ozé" style.

The philosophy : to feel comfortable in one’s own body, free and blooming, and more feminine than ever.

G ! Ozé - Prêt à porter féminin

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G ! Ozé - Prêt à porter féminin
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G ! Ozé - Prêt à porter féminin
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G ! Ozé - Prêt à porter féminin
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G ! Ozé - Prêt à porter féminin
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